Pearl Harbor Tourist Guide

When people visit Pearl Harbor on their Hawaii holidays, they typically visit the Arizona Memorial. Most people know about the story of how the USS Arizona sank, and how more than 1,000 men went down with the ship. Some people even know about the USS Battleship Missouri, and how officials signed the treaty to stop the war with Japan on its deck. These two memorials mark the beginning and the ending of the war with Japan. However, there are other exciting Hawaii attractions people may want to visit when visiting Pearl Harbor.

One such attraction is the USS Bowfin, a World War II submarine. Thanks to the efforts of both civilian and military volunteers, who successfully restored the Bowfin, the vintage submarine is a popular tourist attraction today. The Bowfen, purchased in 1979, moved to its current location in 1980 next to the USS Arizona. It officially became a museum ship in the year 1981.

Two other must-see attractions in Pearl Harbor include the Museum of the Pacific Aviation, as well as, the Memorial of the USS Oklahoma. The USS Oklahoma, sunk in December of 1941, took more than 400 men down with her. In the year 2007, on the anniversary of its sinking, the USS Oklahoma was then dedicated in memory of those men.

pacific-aviation-museumThe Pacific Aviation Museum, located on Ford Island, is a short distance from the Arizona memorial. The museum includes a 42,000 square foot Hangar 37 displaying the various aircraft used in World War II and the Korean war. It also has a Hangar 79 which displays aircraft used in Vietnam and recent wars.

In conclusion, Pearl Harbor, which is still an active segment of the United States Navy, is the only naval base in the country designated a National Historical Landmark. Whether people decide to spend their trip exploring one or several of the above-mentioned attractions, they are sure to gain many incredible memories of their vacation in Pearl Harbor.

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